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The KDVS Fundraiser is upon us! Starting April 18 at midnight, we'll be asking our listeners and lovers to show their support for independent, weirdo music and media by donating their hard-earned cash. In one week, we hope to raise $60,000, which is 2/3 of our annual budget.

But you get awesome stuff in return! KDVS offers hundreds of premiums packages as thank-yous: music packages (I got K Records and Electricity+Lust to donate this year), T-shirts, artwork, tons of stuff.

I've also made a Phoning It In 2011 compilation, with a song from each episode so far this year. Check out the tracklist here. If you donate during my show (Monday the 18th, 6 to 8 pm PST), you'll get the compilation thrown in with whatever other package you want, AND you'll get handmade cover art.

Pledge online at or call 877-399-KDVS (5387) anytime during the week! Thank you for keeping lo-fi on the radio!

KDVS Fundraiser 2011


The annual KDVS on-air fundraiser is coming up April 18 to the 24, and we need all your support to keep us going. Besides the gratification of keeping priceless freeform, eclectic, experimental, underground, noncommercial programming on the airwaves, you will also get thank-you gifts when you make a donation to KDVS.

AND, if you pledge during "Phoning It In" (that will be Monday, April 18 at 7:30 PST), you'll get a copy of the compilation I'm going to make with cuts from the most recent "Phoning It In" performances, including previously unreleased/unrecorded/unheard songs. Stay tuned for more info!

Stay updated!


I know we're all about analog technology here, but show digital some lo-fi lovin' by liking Phoning It In on Facebook. You'll get updates about who's playing and when the show is streaming live.

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Featured Show

Sharon Van Etten
The Real Deal, a true folk musician. So good it's hard not to gush. 

Random Show

Bridget Martin
More fun than "a friendlier, springtime Cat Power!" 

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Skinny Wrists
"best phoning it in yet" - my cousin, even though his band played an episode too