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Recent Cooper Union grad and pop impresario Michael Bostock phones it in from Bryn Athyn, PA, within sight of West Philly. Like the Capstan Shafts, I was expecting someone older behind Michael Stasis, someone steeped in decades of weirdo music. Which makes Michael's music all the more incredible, a perfect lo-fi pop-psych-folk concoction in the lineage of Ariel Pink or Guided By Voices, with plenty of other influences thrown in- Hendrix, surf, punk, etc.- for good measure. Emotive, fun, funny, and catchy, I can't recall being this entranced by something in ages.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 08/03/2009


Air Of Happiness
All The Ways
Little Devil
Bugle Boy
Spiritual Wife
Slumber Jack
Live Off Me


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