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Todd Goldstein (Harlem Shakes, The Sea & The Gulls) phones it in from Brooklyn, NY. For the frivolous sake of full disclosure, Todd and I went to college together, though had long lost touch until we randomly ran into each other on the street in Williamsburg a few years ago, the first time I was ever in Brooklyn. We kept in touch sporadically after that.

One day Todd sent me the latest ARMS album, and regardless of my expectations being laid low by his collegiate a cappella past, I was floored. The album was great, really great, but only available in the UK. Why? WHY? There is no justice in the world. Well, 'Kids Aflame' is finally available stateside, and the accolades have been racking up right and left. So don't let the questionable iPhone acoustics (a first and probably last for Phoning It In) fool you- Todd is prodigiously talented. Everything about ARMS is surprising. The melodies are inventive, yet very difficult to forget. The songs never go where you expect them to, each invested with a velocity and love of craft that's all too rare in the indie rock heap these days.

Here we get three songs from the recently re-released 'Kids Aflame,' an unreleased number from 'Kids Aflame's future follow-up, plus some insights into Todd's creative process.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 08/05/2009


Better Throw Her In The Water
Kids Aflame

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