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Old-school Teenbeat legend Jonny Cohen (sans his Love Machine band) phones it in from Rockville, MD. Though his songs might sound naive, similar to Daniel Johnston's, they're actually quite sophisticated, covering topics as disparate as eating disorders and animals in space. Weird, for sure, but poignant and memorable, and even just a cappella, catchy as hell. Are Jonny's songs glimpses into his own head, fictional narrative sketches, or somehow both? Either way: brilliant.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 08/06/2009


Let's Pretend
Messing With My Head
Eat Up All Your Food
The War At Four
Take You To The Woodshed
Watching The Grass Grow
Standing Incorrect
Kite Flying
Porthos The Dog In Space
Space Butterfly


Jonny Cohen's Love Machine on MySpace Jonny at Teenbeat Records
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