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The quietly unsung (and quietly sung, for that matter) Nesey Gallons phones it in from Athens, GA. While he's been a long-time Elephant 6 collaborator- most prominently with the Music Tapes and Circulatory System- Nesey's own music has only recently become more widely available than self-released CD-R's, with Cloud Recordings' reissue of the superb 'Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago.'

There's very little info regarding Nesey online, but I'm surprised that no one's compared him to Jeff Mangum. Maybe it's some kind of jinx. Not that Nesey is at all derivative, mind you, but rather his music hits you (and it does, hard) a lot like Neutral Milk Hotel's, though maybe with more of an emphasis on love than death. There's a kindred tenderness and vulnerability, a similar lens of nostalgia and melancholy, and joy, too. It's rather incredible, each song becoming a point in a constellation in a consistent, self-contained musical universe.

But anyway, not to over-intellectualize a gut reaction. The most important thing is that the songs sound amazing, especially 'Who', played on Will Cullen Hart's organ. Enjoy.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 09/27/2009


Sweet Sweet Friend
Wooden Whispers
Old Friend
I Believe In Love
Telescope's Last Glances


Nesey on MySpace Nesey at Cloud Recordings
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