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Ohioan Patrick Kolodgy phones it in from Brooklyn, NY. Alongside releases from other Gulcher bands Kurt Vile and Home Blitz, Handglops helped usher in the whole lo-fi Renaissance we're currently enjoying so much. On record Handglops are so fuzzed out it's nearly painful to listen to (in the best way); here instead reverb and phone compression strip these songs to their beating hearts. Lyrics left over from Patrick's high school power pop band contrast with the melancholic music and timbre, revealing the wantingness, uncertainty, exuberance, and hope of the acts described- partying, going to shows, partying, etc. The effect is a lot like Don Lennon fronting the Nodzzz, and as catchy as you'd expect from either of those acts. Add some preset Casio SK-1 beats and the combo's unbeatable. Handglops rool!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 10/31/2009


I Want To Go Home
The First Party
Don't Go Out
Throwing A Party
The Show
The Last Party
Start A Band
The Weekend
The City

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