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Laura Goetz and Brendon Massei phone it in from Endicott, NY. Two different, compelling sides of the post-freak-folk coin. Brendon, aka Viking Moses, more often than not ends up on his knees during shows, wailing and gnashing his teeth, over the course of possessed hymnals. (Though maybe not so much anymore; his last album is called 'The Parts That Showed,' pulling the cards just a little closer to his chest.) And Laura, aka Golden Ghost, is a small, quiet woman, but the excitement is in hearing her open up when she sings, perhaps becoming that glowing Golden Ghost, revealing lyrics both incisive and mystical. Her last album, 'The Unimaginative Body,' is a body of songs that is anything but. She peers at you- directly, uneasily- over the backs of those cards, held right under her nose, but you know her hand is filled with aces.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 11/02/2009


Golden Ghost - Pried Up The Bark
Golden Ghost - Saturation
Golden Ghost - If You Are In Love Then Why Are You Asleep?
Viking Moses - My Dove, My Lamb [Phosphorescent]
Viking Moses - Migrating Birds
Golden Ghost - Vishnu In The Sow


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