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Greg 'Sun' Beson phones it in from the Whitehaus in Boston, MA. This is polite music from a polite dude- nothing fancy, just the goods, wrapped up in some nice brown paper (with not even a bow, maybe some twine). Even a song like 'Knives' ("I wear a coat of knives / Try and hold me") doesn't push, but welcomes you into all of its room. You, in turn, might find yourself humming the refrain over and over. The same goes for some surprising part of each of these songs, even the covers. Sure, there's just a guitar here, and a voice, and yet the results are something completely new in gentle folk music, no missteps to be had, so cozy on up.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 11/09/2009


Wood & Copper
My Will
Breath Of Your Heart
Caves (1 & 2)
Heat [The Woodrow Wilsons]
Greta [Words by Brian S. Ellis]
Thanksgiving [Greg 'Moon' Mullen]


Manners' website, Sun of Bees Manners on MySpace Manners at the Whitehaus Family Record
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