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Jess Hotchkiss phones it in from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY. Jess is definitely onto something unique- not many women channeling this harrowing downer vibe, and even fewer of any gender really seeing where it goes. Think of Jandek covering Pete Seeger or Cat Power at her drunkest. There's some honest-to-goodness shards of Real American Folk Music in here, but the guitar's out of tune and the words got all garbled along the way, the hope misplaced somewhere along the road. Oh Be Joyful is also a wonderfully atmospheric experience, the vocals performing in service to the rest of the music, rather than always being the focus themselves. Sure it's bleak music, but, y'know, joyful, too (just listen to 'One, True' for proof).

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 11/14/2009


A Thousand Waves
Instrumental Strip >
Whatever Came
Untitled #8
One, True


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