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Owen Ashworth phones it in from Chicago, IL.

The show turns four years old in January, and what better way to celebrate than by revisiting some past favorites. Here Owen graciously reprises his appearance before leaving for Europe. Whereas his first PII session was marred by awful cel phone sound quality, we're proud to present to you Casiotone the way it was made to be heard- in glorious land line fidelity. That he debuted with an album called 'Answering Machine Music' would be enough to make Owen the patron saint of Phoning It In. That every album since then has expanded musically on the last so that they truly are 'pocket symphonies' seals the deal.

An avid reader of short stories, each of Owen's songs is a miniature epic, vividly setting scenes or creating characters, filling in details with such rich precision that no words are wasted. So listening to Casiotone leaves me with the same subtle malaise as having finished a good book. I just want to start again from page one, hit play one more time, and maybe things will turn out differently.

OIB Records sums it up better than I can:

"Claustrophobic two-minute character studies shuddered with reverbed beats, blown-out chords and simple but infectious melodies, all layered beneath Casiotone's bittersweet lyrical odes to love lost."

In a word, perfect.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/09/2009


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