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Ethan Smith (aka Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele), Edward Guevara, Julian Frachtman, Mike Finlayson (aka Crux Slomo), Dan Gentile, Shane Wood, and Ciska Ulug phone it in from Austin, TX.

Reggae on Phoning It In? Who'da thunk it? We've kinda featured ska before (an awesome solo set from the Slackers' Vic Ruggiero), and though I'm a sucker for a good horn chart, I couldn't even conceive of calling a full-on reggae band. Until now. After mastering the Hawaiian ukulele, Ethan's set his sights on white reggae, assembling a crack team of Austin rude boys for the job. Rivals Still Flyin' might be the best live band on the planet (though it by the sound of it, Ethan & co. aren't far behind), but I just can't get into SF's records. Spiked Punch, on the other hand, I could listen to all day, staring outside at the Northern California rain, dreaming of sittin' by the pool and sippin' margaritas with sunblock on my nose.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/08/2010


Shackles On The Hand
Invisible Ink
Shiny Things
Say A Word
Do It Twice [Bob Marley]


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