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Indiepop veteran Frank Boscoe (Wimp Factor 14, Vehicle Flips, the Gazetteers) phones it in from WRPI in Troy, NY, with Andrea McEwen and Joe Putrock. The Frank Boscoes were short-lived, as the band soon turned back into the Gazetteers. Either way, anything Frank Boscoe does is quintessential indiepop. WF14 and the Vehicle Flips wrote excellently shambolic songs about the anecdotal and the mundane. Here, the Boscoes are tighter than North Korea's borders, and Frank lends his brilliant songcraft to, well, the anecdotal and the mundane, and geography. I'll say it again, absolutely quintessential indiepop.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/22/2005


Trapped Inside A Skill Crane
Lost At Sea
Ring Tones '03
Coast To Coast?

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