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Gabe Holcombe phones it in from Chicago, IL. Vehicle Blues' 'Punks On Transit' was the best song I heard last year, a totally hypnotic, and somehow warm, take on noisy bedroom glue wave or what have you. Maybe Gabe is Iggy Pop's 'Passenger', he rides and he rides...

Kevin at Bridgetown nails it:

"Fragile and charming pop songs that tell a personal journey through Chicago's public transportation. A strange sincerity is in these stories, battered by snow and disoriented by lights, but gradually melting the ice that makes traveling alone that much worse. For anyone who's ever taken the long way home."

The sound gets a bit raw for the some of the set, but 'Ma Hawk', 'I Am A Changer', and of course 'Punks On Transit' are stone cold classics.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/01/2010


Ma Hawk
I Am A Changer
385 Feet Wide [Vitreous Humor]
Punks On Transit
Winter Lambo
Melt Close [Section 25]


Vehicle Blues on MySpace Bridgetown Records
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